About Us



PT Semai Raya Internasional (SRI) is a technoventure of PT SSCX International (SSCX).

 We create semai digital platform: semaiXsemaiPRO, semaiSawit, semaiADIS, semaiBINAR

And there will be more.

​We inherit SSCX's legacy, as the number 1 continuous improvement (Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, etc) expert in Indonesia, combine it with palm oil subject matter expertise and emerging technology innovation (Technovation) capabilities.

​With semai, we aim to advancing palm oil business with blend of emerging technology and world class industry best practice.

​We have been developing semai for several years, and after we patented our technology then we established SRI in 2020.


To be the most successful AI & digital technology company in advancing agribusiness


To help agribusiness create transparency, make tangible improvements and sustainability


Customer Success Integrity & Synergy for Sustainability

Continuous Innovation

Team & Personal Growth